A 501(c)3 Nonprofit in Green Valley, Arizona

Good Deeds
Done Together


Without the help of the volunteers, organizations, sponsors, partners, and grants, none of the accomplishments made on November 1, 2019 would have been possible.

Projects Helped

  • Project Linus
  • Angel Heart Pajama Project
  • Genealogy
  • GV Animal League
  • GV Community Food Bank
  • GV Gardeners
  • Montessori de Santa Cruz
  • Posada Life
  • Sahuarita Food Bank
  • Social Action
  • Valley Assistance Services
  • Santa Rita Springs

Special Thanks

Francis in The Valley Episcopal Church

Music by: Mike Finkelstein and Steve Maron

Sponsors | Partners


ACE Hardware

La Posada

Green Valley Sahuarita Volunteer Clearinghouse

Greater Green Valley Community Foundation


Many nonprofit and public organizations in Green Valley rely on volunteers to help meet their mission goals.  For example, volunteers help ….

Make communities more secure and attractive by cleaning up, fixing up, and beautifying properties, 

Lift the spirits of community residents by offering personal care services and public transportation,

Promote communication with one another and between generations through school and faith-based programs.

Actually, the residents of greater Green Valley, Arizona, are unique in self-identifying as a community of volunteers. In recognition of this mind set, the GVC Foundation, Inc., is organizing a volunteer management group, entitled “Doing Good Together.”  The purpose of this group is to help organizations complete projects that require more hands-on support and/or more materials than the organization, alone, can provide.

Huge thanks to Marcia Wiener (Beth Shalom Temple), Rhonda Caruso (Lutheran Church of the Risen Savior), and Pastor Bruce Van Sickle (Evangelical Free Church of Green Valley) for expanding community participation in doing good deeds beyond their faith-based groups.  Building on the successful work of the event planners for Mitzvah (Good Deeds) Day, the GVC Foundation will lead and coordinate the new management group through a Steering Committee representing all community interests.

Working with partners in greater Green Valley—e.g., individuals, informal and formal groups, organizations, education institutions and businesses—the Foundation will 

  1. identify community organizations with needs,
  2. recruit and schedule volunteers’ time, and
  3. enlist sponsor support to supply necessary materials, goods, and services. 

The Foundation will also provide administrative personnel, facilities and office equipment, information management services, financial accounting, as well as insurance coverage for volunteers.

Together We Can Make an Even Better Community!

Photograph:  Ann-Marie Schaffer and Virginia Danieu help spruce up a five-year-old shed at the Green Valley Community Garden as part of Mitzvah Day on Friday.  David Rookhuyzen | Green Valley News | November 2016